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Finding a Home that Integrates the City and the Suburban Lifestyle

City or suburbs? It's the question most aspiring homeowners get stuck in when choosing a location to build their families. It's a tough choice. The city offers modern conveniences, with restaurants and malls literally a stone's throw away a reality people in the suburbs never experience. Meanwhile, the latter offers a sense of peace and quiet, as well as belongingness.

It's a struggle to choose. But what if there is no need to choose between two great neighborhoods? What if there's a community that allows you to live the best of both worlds?

No, it's not some utopian, futuristic community we're talking about. It's simply a microtownship project strategically designed to mesh the concepts of convenience and tranquility in the highly-accessible city of Cebu: Taft East Gate.

Here's how this mixed-use development showcases the best elements of the city and the suburban lifestyle:

The City Life Amenities
Taft East Gate is designed to provide comfort and convenience to suit the busy, fast-paced lifestyle in the city. With that, everything is within reach, including:

Taft East Gate is located right within Cebu Business Park. Future residents can simply walk to the office and never worry about being stuck in traffic. Aside from employees, entrepreneurs who are looking to establish their businesses in Cebu's most sought-after financial district will find the location especially beneficial, as they can closely monitor the progress of work.

On top of this, the Taft East Gate tower features two levels of office spaces, which would later be occupied by local and international brands. For condo dwellers, this would mean going to the office without ever leaving the tower. With the touch of a button in the elevator, you can easily reach your work station.

2. Recreational Facilities
Aside from office spaces, the development likewise features two levels of retail areas. You can go from buying groceries to enjoying a cup of coffee to savoring a juicy steak, paired with wine. Everything is near, from supermarkets to cafes and restaurants around the complex.

When you need a change of scenery, you can always explore the malls and leisure places in the greater Cebu Business Park area. The bottom line, when you deserve a break from work, you can easily drop by the nearby recreational facilities.

3. Transportation Systems
People choose to live in the city not only because they're a few steps away from establishments, but also because it allows them to go from point A to point B with ease. Cities are first when it comes to transportation system developments.

In the case of Taft East Gate, future residents can easily use the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) System, a proposed bus-based transportation mode that involves a total of 250 buses in at least 21 stations. A first in history, this transport channel takes the hassle out of going to the hospital, school, or government agency.

In a 2019 report from the Philippine News Agency (PNA), the government was planning to expand the route from mere 21.58 kilometers running from Bulacao to Talamban to 39.88 kilometers, covering more areas. The first phase of the infrastructure development project will be operational by 2021.

In the meantime, there will be an interim bus system that will service the riding public starting March 16. The system is composed of 20 modern buses.

Meanwhile, future residents of Taft East Gate can also benefit from the proposed monorail system in the metro. The P80-billion project has been submitted already for the evaluation of the Investment Coordination Committee Technical Board. The design for the infrastructure is linked to BRT, in which its stations will be landing areas for passengers taking the modernized jeepneys. The monorail will be able to accommodate 12,000 to 15,000 passengers per direction every hour.

The Suburban Life Amenities
On the flip side, Taft East Gate maintains the perks of the suburban lifestyle, which makes it an ideal location for raising a family. These are some of the things couples and families can expect in this microtownship development:

Nature's Touches
You don't have to miss the green spaces of suburban neighborhoods at Taft East Gate. Your very own unit will have one. One of the things the property developers are proud of in this development project is the garden balconies. Each unit comes with this, bringing a relaxed atmosphere in the space and allowing residents to spend quiet time before going about their day or upon returning home from work.

Meanwhile, when they step outside their personal spaces, dwellers can meditate and relax at the landscaped gardens. Basically, they're surrounded by green spaces, designed to give them peace and quiet.

Community Spaces
This is another thing people like in suburban neighborhoods, which is often lacking in city living. At Taft East Gate, even if you're right in the heart of Metro Cebu, your family will experience a tight-knit community all the same. That's because the amenities in this microtownship are designed for residents to socialize. You'll be able to meet fellow fitness enthusiasts in gyms and jogging paths, interact with other professionals relaxing at the swimming pool area, or find friends for your kids at the play area. It's just a matter of striking up a conversation with them to feel that sense of belonging.

Private, Safe Retreat
Even though you're at the center of everything, you're not giving up your privacy when you're at Taft East Gate. As mentioned, the entire complex, as well as some units, has a lot of nature touches, which not only provide relaxation, but also reduce the noise pollution in the busy area. It's literally living in the city, sans the hustle and bustle.

You also get the same feeling of security in the suburbs even when you're in the middle of a busy financial district. The condo has 24-hour security, strategically-located CCTVs, back-up power system, as well as elevator key card access and fire detection technologies. There's no need to worry about your safety when you're at Taft East Gate.

The choice between the city and the suburbs is indeed a tough one. But perhaps, you need not make that difficult decision. Maybe it's just a matter of finding the right residential enclave.